a note from Pastor Carr

Dear Friend – 

I wanted to write and thank you for giving to the Ukrainian Relief Project. It was a great trip! We were able to hand out thousands of tracts and John & Romans Bibles along with bottles of water, fruit, candy for kids, and protein bars. We also purchased 3 months worth of food and took it to a church in Lviv, Baptist Theological Seminary. There they are caring for refugees and taking food into more dangerous parts of Ukraine to other churches. We were also able to purchase a washing machine as well as a refrigerator for another church in Poland who is also housing refugees in their church. 

The need is great and I am thankful we together could partner to make a difference beyond our borders. Only eternity will tell the total impact of your giving and praying. Thank you for caring and for giving! May God bless you richly!

Pastor Rick Carr